2023 Anhui Xiao Chu Ye Zhong – Qimen (25 g)

9.8  včetně DPH




The highest variety of Qimen red tea from Anhui Province. (祁门红茶)
This is a hand-processed whole-leaf tea of the local Xiao Chu Ye Zhong variety.
The tea is oxidized at high humidity and roasted on charcoal. Its expression is very attractive and unmistakable with other hong cha.

Aroma: intense, attractive with notes of gingerbread spice, cocoa, precious wood and meadow honey

Taste: full-bodied, very attractive with dominant notes of cocoa, gingerbread spices, dried flowers, candies and meadow honey

Harvest time: spring 2023

Province: Anhui

Country: China

Weight: 25 g