2022 Fujian Shou Ning Jin Guan Yin Hong Cha (50 g)

9.0  včetně DPH




Fujian red tea from the Ning Te area. The place where this tea comes from is called Shou Ning. It is a small and relatively unknown area in Fujian where, alongside wild bushes, mainly Jin Guan Yin and Jin Mu Dan cultivars are grown. We had the opportunity to spend one week in this area and get to know the local mountains and production, which was an amazing experience for us and we loved this place very much.

Almost all of the local teas including this one are processed in factories using machines. What is specific to this tea is that it is left to steep in bamboo or metal cylinders just like wulong (oolong) teas. This processing makes the tea distinctly floral

Aroma: intense, sweet with notes of fresh flowers, poppy, orange, cocoa, meadow honey

Taste: medium-bodied, very attractive, distinctive with notes of citrus, fresh flowers, cocoa, sponge cake with a long honey-spicy aftertaste

Harvest: May 2022

Area: Ning Te, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 50 g