2019 (2014) Zhong Cha „8130“ Lao Cang First Grade Liu Bao (50 g)

11.3  včetně DPH



The export grade of Liu Bao, leaf quality 1, which was officially introduced in Malaysian Tea Expo 7.12.2019.

The material is from 2014 and it was stored in the old storage of the tea factory (lao cang) until 2019.

Aroma: intense, very attractive with camphor tones, fruits (raspberries, mango, maracuja), spices, rare wood and nut chocolate

Taste: very full, attractive with tones of exotic fruit, camphor, cacao, vanilla

Area: Guang Xi (China)

Tea Factory: CNNP Wuzhou Export Grade

Material: 2014

Packed: 2019

Weight: 50 g