2018 (2016)  Zhong Cha (CNNP)  „8157“  Grade 1 Liu Bao 50 g

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2018 (2016) Zhong Cha (CNNP) „8157“ Grade 1 Liu Bao

This box is part of a very interesting project Zhong Cha came up with in 2016.
She took leaves from a large garden where there are bushes of the same age and made them in four ways.
浓味 (strong taste)
Fermentation was done traditionally on scoops for about 100 days. Grade 1 leaves were used for this tea.

Nose: intense, very attractive with notes of camphor, spice, fruit, rare wood and hazelnut chocolate

Taste: very full-bodied, attractive with notes of exotic fruits, camphor, cocoa and vanilla

Region: Guang Xi (China)

Factory: CNNP Wuzhou

Material: 2016

Packed: 2018

Weight: 50 g