2011 Wuyi Shan „Zhen Yan“ Shui Jin Gui (10 g)

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Historical documents show that this cultivar has been cultivated since at least the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644). Today, the last three original shrubs are found in the inner park. They are no longer being harvested, but thanks to these bushes and the method of pruning, the Central Park has succeeded in preserving the quality of the original old varieties of tea trees.

The name ‚Golden Water Turtle‘ refers to the hunched form of the tea bush. The leaves are round with clearly visible veins like the shell of a turtle.

Shui Jin Gui is one of the 4 famous varieties („Ming Cong“) of the Wu Yi tea region and belongs to the company of Tie Luo Han, Bei Dou and Bai Ji Guan teas.

Zhen Yan Cha (正岩茶) is the name for teas grown in the inner part of the park on rocky ground and at higher altitude. The teas have an exceptional expression due to the terroir in which they grow and are only harvested in spring. They are often confused with teas grown in neighbouring fields called Zhou Cha (州 茶), which are not at all up to the quality of rock teas.

This tea is a beautiful example of how high quality teas with very good aging potential are Zhen Yan teas. Wulong was aged for 12 years in Malaysia.

The leaves come directly from the centre of the national park. The older of the bushes is around 30 years old. The tea was roasted 3×10 hours on charcoal with an interval of around one month between each roasting. In 2021, after ten years, this tea was re-roasted again for 8 hours at 110 degrees.

Aroma: intense, ripe, attractive with notes of gingerbread spices, cocoa, prunes and apricots, rare spices and dried flowers

Taste: very full, deep, attractive with notes of dried flowers, dark chocolate and dried fruits, candied fruits, gingerbread spices with a long honey-spicy aftertaste

Harvest: May 2011

Region: Wu Yi (Zhen Yan) Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 10 g