2023 Anxi Huang Guan Yin „105“ Competition Grade 25 g

6.8  včetně DPH


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This tea comes from the Anxi region, known especially for Tie Guan Yin tea, which has been cultivated here since the 19th century.

This not well-known variety originally comes from Fujian. Scientists have crossed Huang Dan 黄旦 and Tie Guan Yin 铁观音 to create Huang Guan Yin as a new variety, which they have given the working number 105.

This year we came across a very interesting tea from this variety in Gande village. The tea is organically grown and processed using the Tuō suān 拖酸 method, i.e. a very slow and long infusion with slow oxidation, which gives the tea a strong, deep aroma and a very full flavour.

Aroma: intense, very attractive with notes of fresh flowers, berries, rare spices and meadow honey

Taste: attractive, medium-bodied with dominant notes of fresh flowers, strawberries and exotic spices with a long aftertaste.

Region: Anxi, Fujian
Harvest: spring 2023
Country: China