2020 Fenghuang Mi Lan Xiang (25 g)

6.6  včetně DPH


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The tea is from Fenghuang town, where the tea is also grown on the outskirts. It is very different from the higher places like a Wu Dong, But it is very special with its strong aroma and very nice cost-benefit ratio. The tea garden is about 20 years old.

All baking was 18 hours together.

  1. Baking – 115 °C, 15 hours
  2. Baking – 118 °C, 3 hours

Aroma: intense and very attractive flowery, dominated by tones of plums, fresh flowers, apricots, apples, meadow honey and rare spices

Taste: very attractive, full, dominated by hints of plums, dried and fresh flowers, plum jam, cinnamon, with a long spicy aftertaste

Harvest: 14.4.2020

Area: Fenghuang, Chaozhou, Guangdong prov.

Country: China

Weight: 25 g