2016 Tanlong TF Jingmai Shan Old Tree Sheng Pu-erh (50 g)

9.8  včetně DPH



Anniversary collector’s edition of the Chinese zodiac from the Cantonese trader Tanlong. For the year 2016 (in the zodiac 🐒), material from old tea trees, grown organically in the Jingmai Mountains was selected.
The tea was made in a small Heng Fung Xiang Tea Factory and then sold to Penang, where it matured in good conditions for about 5 years.

Area: very attractive, matured and intense, dominated by hints of apricot and strawberry jam, dried flowers, mint, tobacco and rare spices

Taste: matured, full and attractive, dominated by hints of fruit, apricot and strawberry jam, dried flowers with a long spicy and honey aftertaste

Harvest: 2016

Area: Jingmai Shan (provincie Yunnan)

Country: China

Weight: 50 g