2016 Hunan Heicha Fuzhuan „Jin Hua“ (Private Order) 50 g

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We have Fuzhuan! We have wanted this fermented tea from Anhua in Hunan Province for a long time.
This concrete tea was made to order for a Chinese trader in the famous factory, which is the oldest producer of Hei Cha in Hunan – Bai Sha Xi. The factory was founded in 1940 to produce Hei Cha bricks, then in 1953 it produced the first Fu brick with golden flowers.
The leaves of our tea came from 2015 and were pressed in 2016. The taste becomes softer with the age. Because of it, there is no need to let it mature as puerh or Liu Bao tea for a long time. The golden flowers slowly fade from the tea with a long aging.

About Fuzhuan:
Bricks are made of fermented material that contains worse material and stems (at least 15%). The reason is that large leaves and especially stems create airy places – thanks to it golden flowers grow better.
After pressing the fermented rough tea into a brick, the tea masters heat it with steam to sterilize it to keep a certain water content in. Then they bake it in the oven for a long time. At a suitable mild temperature and humidity, golden flowers gradually develop.
Traditionally, the process takes 25-30 days.

Golden flower „Jin Hua“:
Behind this beauty is mainly Eurotium Cristatum – it is a noble mold. There are several studies around the world on its positive health effects.
Some people may ask, does the high temperature kills the golden flowers? No worries. Studies have shown that these fungi survive for 20 minutes at 120 ℃. So even cooking, which is recommended for the preparation of this tea, will not hurt the „golden flower“. 🙂

Aroma: attractive, sweetish with a hints of dried apricots, plum jam, rare spices, baked gingerbread, dried herbs, dominated by tones of chrysanthemum

Taste: attractive, mid-full, sweet with a hints of flowers, plum jam, dried herbs, gingerbread spices and a meadow honey

Tea factory: Bai Sha Xi

Production date: 2016

Material: 2015

Area: Hunan

Country: China

Weight: 50 g – sample (whole brick – 1 kg)