2006 Zhong Cha Duoteli Shan Shui (Landscape) Liubao (25 g)

10.8  včetně DPH



This box with the landscape painting Shan Shui (mountains and water) was made in Wuzhou Zhong Cha tea factory for malaysian and singaporean market in 70’s. And it is one of the first export teas from this factory. We bought it in Malaysia in the end of 2019. It is the sixth generation of these Landscape boxes with production date 2006 and with the materiál which is little bit older. But accurate informations is not available very well. The new products are normály sign with accurate dates, but the old boxes not. After the consultation with several collectors and finding in the books, we came to opinion, that tea is from the year 2006.

Aroma: aged with tones of cacao, dried fruit, rare wood

Taste: aged, round, attractive and very long with tones of bitter chocolate, nuts, spices, rare woods

Area: Guang Xi (China)

Tea Factory: CNNP Wuzhou, Duoteli brand

Packed: 2006

Weight: 25 g (sample)