1990’s WZTF Big Leaf Liu Bao

12.5  včetně DPH



Finding teas from Wuzhou Tea Factory in Malaysia is far more challenging than from Wuzhou Zhong Cha, which primarily focuses on export and Malaysia.The most common difference is in fermentation and, in my opinion, the potential for very long aging, mainly because Wuzhou TF has access to better raw material. Most of the best locations are just owned by WZTF. So historically it appears that some of the most famous very old Liu Bao teas were made at the Wuzhou Tea Factory.

This tea is very popular among tea enthusiasts. Due to its mature and light taste. Big Leaf is the same designation as Grade 5 or 7, which some factories use. It always refers to the lower large leaves on the young branches. The large leaves, compared to the smaller ones, allow for faster ripening and are ready to drink sooner. Of course, the price is also lower than the same aged higher grades.

Nose: light, mature, unusual with notes of herbal liqueur, rare spices, poppy, old wood, nuts, dried herbs

Mouth: light, mature, attractive with dominant notes of: light herbal liqueur, poppy seed, rare spices, cocoa, nuts with a long herbal finish
Region: Guang Xi (China)

Factory: WZTF

Material: 90’s

Country of Origin:China

Weight: 25 g