2022 Lao Tea Shop Shi Feng Long Jing – Dragon Well (50 g)

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Dragon’s Well probably doesn’t need much introduction, it is one of the most famous green teas and is also rightfully ranked among the top 10 most famous teas in China. Our Dragon Well grows on Shi Feng Mountain in Hangzhou around the beautiful scenic West Lake. Shi Feng Mountain is the original center of Long Jing tea production in the area and is one of the most valuable.

The leaves are processed for a long time in a wok pan, giving them a traditional look. The caramelisation of the leaf extends the flavour of this tea with notes of cocoa, coconut, caramel and nuts.

The aroma includes notes of coconut and cocoa, nuts, freshly cut grass, asparagus, green peas.

The taste is full and sweet with notes reminiscent of cocoa, nuts, but also green peas and asparagus, which is a sign of the freshness of the tea.

Harvest time: early May 2022

Area: Shi Feng (Zhejiang Province)

Country: China

Weight: 50 g