2020 (2018) Zhong Cha Brown box „5101“ Special grade Liu Bao 200 g

44.9  včetně DPH



Brown box is a new export grade primarily intended for the Japanese market (painting by Mt. Fuji on the cover). The material is Special grade. Wu Duo was run for 100 days in small piles and then the tea was aged for 2 years in large bamboo baskets.

Aroma: intense, attractive with dominant notes of cocoa, dried dates, cinnamon, camphor, hazelnut and vanilla

Taste: very strong, young but attractive with notes of cocoa, betel nut, dried dates, rare spices and meadow honey

Region: Guang Xi (China)

Factory: CNNP Wuzhou, Duoteli brand

Packed: 2020

Material: 2018

Country of Origin: China

Weight: 200 g