2016 (2014) Wuzhou Tea Factory „433033“ Grade 3 Liu Bao (50 g)

11.7  včetně DPH



Very interesting Liu Bao from 25 kg basket made in Wuzhou Tea Factory (Zhong Cha). The size of leaves number 3 come from older bushes around Wuzhou. Fermentation for this tea was done the old styled way in large piles under a tarp. This method is slowly giving way to mechanisation and is used very little for exceptional batches. The tea was aged for two years in a wooden warehouse and then purchased for Malaysia where it was aged for over 6 years.
The quality of the tea and good storage have contributed to the natural emergence of Jin Hua (golden flower).

Aroma: attractive, intense, ripe with notes of rare spices, cocoa, raspberry, areca nut and meadow honey

Taste: very full, attractive, dominated by rare spices and wood, cocoa, nuts, dried raspberries with a long sweet finish

Region: Guang Xi (China)

Factory: CNNP Wuzhou

Packed: 2016

Material: 2014

Country: China

Weight: 50 g