1998 CNNP Youle Qiaomu Raw Puerh Cake (25 g)

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The tea leaves come from the Youle mountains. Tea was made to order by Kunming Tea Factory under the CNNP label (China National Native Product). The material for making this cake was harvested from naturally growing tea trees (qiaomu) early in spring 1998 and then was traditionally processed by the Jinuo minority living in Youle Mountains. The Youle Mountains (Jinuoshan) is one of the six well-known mountains in Yunnan area. Tea was aged in more humid enviroment in Xishuangbanna region in the beggining. It accelerated the aging of tea and after a few years was moved to the dry storage for maturation.

Fragrance is matured with tones of raisins, dry wood and touch of honey. The taste is the same as aroma profile, but it changes into nut tones during other infusions. We have personally fallen in love with this aspect. The tea has a full body thanks to proper storage and still has the potential to develop. Tea is suitable for Kung Fu Cha.

Production date: 1998

Manufacturer: CNNP

Area: Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 25 g