Wuzhou Tea Factory „Zhong Cha“ 0106 Liu Bao (1 kg – whole basket)

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Another addition to our LB family.
This tea comes from the Wuzhou TF (Zhong Cha – Chinese Tea) factory and was made into 1 kg baskets. Production date 2010. The material is a few years older in leaf quality 1. The tea has matured for over 10 years in ideal conditions in Malaysia

0 – year 2010
1 – first grade
06 – batch

Aroma: intense, attractive with dominant notes of: dried dates, cinnamon, camphor, hazelnuts, cocoa and vanilla

Taste: very full, young, attractive with notes of cocoa, dried dates, rare spices and meadow honey

Region: Guang Xi (China)

Factory: CNNP Wuzhou, Duoteli brand

Packed: 2010

Country of origin: China

Weight: 1 kg – whole basket