DJ 06/22 FF 2022 Badamtam Organic SFTGFOP1 (50 g)

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Badamtam tea garden was founded in 1858 and the gardens are located at 305 to 1830 meters above sea level. They started organic production in 2012.

The tea garden is composed of these varieties:
28 % clonal
29% chinary
43 % assam

Aroma: intense, floral with apricot tones, eldelberry flower, white dead-nettle, rare spices, fresh and dried flowers

Taste: full, attractive, floral with dominant eldelberry tones, apricots with long honey and spicy aftertaste

Lot-No.: 119B EK-21682

Harvest: April 2022

Area: Darjeeling

Country: India

Weight: 50 g