90’s CNNP Guanxi „Large Leaves“ Liu Bao Hong Kong Storage (10 g)

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Another great Liu Bao from our offer comes from CNNP Guanxi. It was pressed into large 40kg + baskets. Larger leaves, very good quality and strength are moderately fermented and date to the 90’s. The balanced and matured taste is mainly due to the good storage, which started at the CNNP factory (Wuzhou), than stored for a long time at a trader in Hong Kong and saved from the monotonous expression in a very humid environment. And at the end of the story in February 2022, we / you are following. Cheers. 🙂

Aroma: very attractive and intense raspberry aroma, mint, nuts, sandal wood, cacao and rare spices

Taste: very nicely matured, rich with a many layers, dominated by hints of raspberries, mint, cacao, nuts and rare spices

Tea Factory: Wuzhou Zhong Cha (CNNP)

Material: 90’s

Area: Guang Xi

Country: China

Weight: 10 g