80’s Si Jin Qian (4 Gold Coins) Liu Bao Tea 10 g

21.8  včetně DPH



We have been looking for this tea for a very long time. It wasn’t so hard to find and taste it earlier in Malaysia. But now it is very hard to find it – not so huge quantity is available in the free market and its price higher and higer every year.

The tea has spent the most of its time in Malaysia, where has been stored in a bamboo baskets. Thanks to the blending of a different areas is the taste very strong and so different from another styles of Liu Bao tea, which are made by a huge factories. The tea you can brew really many many times, it is really never ending. 🙂  And then is the best way to boil it for another strong and very nice infusion.

Si Jin Qian (Four Gold Coins) is one of the most famous brands out of China. It is the Hongkong style of Liu Bao tea. In addition to the material from Guangxi province, there is also added tea from Vietnam and places around. The receipe is not know and thanks to that the taste is very different. Because of it, the tea is very famous mainly in Malaysia, where it was stored in bamboo baskets for a long time and than repacked into plastic bags for a better selling.

Aroma: very intense, unusual, ripe, dominated by hints of cacao, old wood, plantain liquer, dried herbs, camphor and rare spices

Taste: very full, aged, strong and lengthy, with a attractive tones of cacao, herbal liquer, nuts, cream, rare spices, dried herbs, poppy seeds and a very long bitter-sweet aftertaste

Producer: Shen Chang Hao Four Gold Coins

Country: Hong Kong

Weight: 10 g