2022 Yunnan Huilong „pure buds“ Green Tea (25 g)

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The best grade of famous high mountain green tea from Huilong village, Dachang town, Lianghe district, Dehong prefecture. The village of Huilong. The garden covers 1.28 square kilometers of land. At an altitude of 1650 meters, average annual temperature 14.9 °C.

The earliest harvest of huilong tea from single buds from the village of Huilong is very rare and is produced only in small quantities. We received only a small quantity of this top tea from early spring.

This tea is very suitable for experimenting with a colder water! Thanks to the low temperature, this tea is milky cloudy, full in the mouth and very stimulating!

Cultivar: Yunnan large leaf, 50-80 year old tea trees

Aroma: attractive, sweet, fresh with tones of young peas, deafblinds, fresh flowers, a slight hint of smoke and strawberries

Taste: medium full, fresh with dominant tones of green peas, fresh herbs, sweet and spicy aftertaste

Harvest: 24.3 2022

Province: Yunnan

Area: China

Weight: 25 g