2022 Yunnan Huilong Green Tea (50 g)

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Famous high mountain green tea from Huilong village, Dachang town, Lianghe district, Dehong prefecture.

The village of Huilong covers 1.28 square kilometers at an altitude of 1650 meters. The average annual temperature is 14.9 °C.

This spring is very dry, it’s not raining in the mountains, the color of the dry tea leaves is darker than usual, but the taste and aroma are still great. Freshly brewed tea has a mild taste of fire and this roasted green tea is not ready for initial drinking until a month later. It is recommended to use a lower water temperature for preparation.

Cultivar: Yunnan the Great Leaf (50-80 years old tea trees)

Aroma: attractive, sweet, fresh with tones of young peas, flowers, a slight hint of smoke and strawberries

Taste: medium full, fresh with dominant tones of green peas, fresh herbs, sweet and spicy aftertaste

Harvest: 23.3 2022

Province: Yunnan

Area: China

Weight: 50 g