2022 Wu Yi Rou Gui Oolong (25 g)

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Wu Yi is one of the most famous tea producing areas. The local conditions and mineral-rich soil are especially conducive to excellent wulongs and red teas.
Rou Gui, along with Shui Xian tea, was highly promoted by the government in the 1960s and 1970s and today both are among the most famous teas in the area.

This tea comes from the small factory of our friend, a connoisseur and lover of local teas, who has also long worked as one of the assistant rangers of Wuyishan National Park. This place is a UNESCO natural heritage site.

The leaves come directly from the local national park and are traditionally processed and roasted 3 times for 8 hours at a temperature of around 110 degrees

Aroma: intense, attractive sweetness with a dominant note of dried flowers, almonds, orange peel and rare spices

Taste: full-bodied and very attractive with notes of orange cinnamon, honey, almonds, chrysanthemum with a long honey-spicy finish

Harvest time: April 2022

Area: Wu Yi, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 25 g