2022 Tong Mu Guan Yesheng Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong (25 g)

11.3  včetně DPH




Tong Mu Guan is an area that we have been trying to visit for years, but so far we are not having any luck. A few years ago, we ended up in front of a barrier and even our Chinese friends couldn’t help us. The statement from the administration of the area was that only Chinese residents are allowed to enter the park. One of the reasons is the supposed military base, but thanks to friends right in the village, we have the opportunity to get to these extremely interesting teas every year.

This tea comes from the forests around the famous Tong Mu Guan village and is traditionally hand-picked.

Due to the heavy regulation of wood in this area, most teas are no longer steeped, like ours.
The leaves are picked larger and the tea has a very full liquor taste.

Aroma: attractive, intense, sweet with notes of fresh and dried flowers, hazelnut chocolate, dried raspberries, rare spices and meadow honey

Taste: very full, sweet, round with notes of fresh flowers, herbal liqueur, hazelnut chocolate, strawberry jam, cinnamon, dates and a long honey-spicy finish

Harvest: May 2022

Area: Tong Mu, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 25 g