2021 Anxi Huang Guan Yin Premium Grade (25 g)

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Huang Guan Yin (黄观音) is a hybrid of Tie Guan Yin a Huang Dan varieties. In 1998 it was approved by the provincial committee for the Fujian crops.
This young variety is more common in the Wuyi Mountains, but it also has great results in Anxi. A beautiful example is this tea from the surroundings of the village of Gande, where mainly exceptional teas from the Tie Guan Yin cultivar are made.
Hand picking, slow withering and great location and organic growing gives the tea an exceptional character.

Aroma: very attractive and intense with tones of fresh flowers and herbs, strawberries, apples, spices and honey

Taste: medium full, attractive with tones of fresh and dried flowers and herbs, apples, spices and meadow honey

Area: Anxi, Fujian

Harvest: spring 2021

Country: China

Weight: 25 g