2020 Guizhou Mao Dong Yesheng Hong Cha (25 g)

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Another in a series of very attractive red teas from old bushes, which is processed in a similar way as wulong teas (shaking in bamboo baskets).
This tea comes from the province of Guizhou, which is known mainly for the production of famous green teas, but there are also several old gardens that produce very speacial red teas. The tea leaves from the FuDing XiaoBai cultivar come from a place called Mao Dong 貓 洞 (cat cave). We bought the tea in cooperation with Malaysian traders in May 2020 and left it to mature in Malaysia for a year.

Aroma: intense, sweet and very attractive, reminiscent of perfume, dominant tones of fresh flowers, overripe fruit, strawberry jam, apples, kiwi, cherries, meadow honey and poppy seeds

Taste: intense, very full, attractive, sweet with tones of fresh flowers, meadow honey, berries, strawberry jam, spices with a long sweet and fruity aftertaste

Harvest: spring 2020

Province: Guizhou

Country: China

Weight: 25 g