2019 Zhong Yi Hao Menghai Shu Puerh cake (100 g)

15.4  včetně DPH



Another tea by Zhong Yi Hao. In this case, it is not their production, but the purchase of tea from a small factory in Menghai. The material is 2018, pressed 2019. The tea leaves come from the Menghai area.
The tea was without packaging, so we asked our friend Honza Hanak to make the packaging for us – thank you. 🙂

Aroma: intense, attractive with a hints of gingerbread, cacao, cream, walnuts, roasted almonds, rotten wood

Taste: very strong, attractive, full, dominated by hints of cacao, nuts, cream, raspberry jam and a very long creamy aftertaste

Tea Factory: Heng Yi Cha Chang

Production date: 2019

Area: Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 100 g – whole cake