2018 Bulang Shan Tian Zi Lan „Orchid“ Sheng Puerh No.2 (357 g)

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The unusual design of the puerh tea comes from a small tea factory in Menghai. Tea leaves are from Bulang mountains area, blended with wild grown yellow orchid flowers of Dendrobium Chryzotoxum from the same area. The flower leaves of some orchids are eaten in Xishuangbanna area traditionally because of their beneficial effect on human health. The orchid flowers enrich the tea very nicely, but expression of the Bulang Shan material is also preserved. The tea was made to order for the Guanzhou traders.

Whole cakes are wrapped into traditional handmade paper with Jan Hanak’s calligraphy art painting (viz. individual products in this category :-)).

Aroma: intense, flowery, fruity, herbal

Taste: strong, attractive with apricot tones, meadow honey, spices, fresh and dried herbs with a long sweetish aftertaste

Production date: 2018

Producer: private order

Area: Bulang Shan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 357 g

Cover theme: tea ceremony and orchid