2018 (2011) Zhong Cha „Worker’s Stadium Special Grade Liu Bao Silver Box (50 g)

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One of the most legendary collectors boxes from CNNP Wuzhou tea factory, it was the export was between 60’s and 70’s. This old receipe is made from super grade and was aged in the tea factory about 7 years. This tea with production recipe number 8036 is one of the strongest liu bao we have had a chance to taste and we think that the maturing potential will be very long. The special grade is definitely right.

Aroma: very intense, matured, attractive with notes of betel nut, cocoa, wood, vanilla, overripe strawberries and herbs

Taste: extremely full, strong, young with tones of nuts, fruits, cocoa, spices, cream and long creamy aftertaste

Area: Guang Xi (China)

Tea factory: CNNP, Wuzhou

Material: 2011

Packed: 2018

Weight: 50 g (sample)