2016 Xiaguan „Xiao Fa“ 7663 Shu Tuo Cha (100 g)

17.6  včetně DPH



Xiaguan Tea Factory is one of the most famous factories in China. It is mainly known for its production of nest/bowl-shaped puerhs (tuocha), which are usually characterized by strong flavor and long aging potential. The first teas were produced in 1902 and the official Xiaguan brand has been around since 1941.
In our opinion, dark fermented puerhs from the Xiaguan factory have been going up in quality for a long time. Most of the production is very elegant in taste clean and with long potential to age.

„Xiao Fa“ or „Little French“. This Tuo Cha for the French market has been produced since the 1970s. It was the first Pu-erh tea to be exported to the west. Made according to the traditional 7663 recipe from a mix of quality materials of different vintages. The tea was pressed in February 2016 and comes from material that is at least two years old.

We purchased the tea a couple of years ago and allowed it to age gently for us in an ideal setting on the island of Penang.

Nose: very distinctive with attractive notes of cocoa, dried dates, walnuts, precious wood and spices

Mouth: full-bodied, attractive, clean, dominated by notes of bitter cocoa, salt, mint, precious wood, fruit with a very long honey-cocoa aftertaste

Date of production: 2016 (2014 material possibly even older)

Producer: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Region: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 100 g