2013 Zhong Yi Hao Bai Mu Dan Bing Cha (357 g)

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We taste lots of white teas every year when we travel to China, especially to Fujian. But those from Zhong Yi Hao are really special for us. This Bai Mu Dan is from the best area and in the best quality, of course. 🙂

The leaves were harvested in 2013 and shortly after processing pressed into 357 grams cake. After almost six years, the tea is still a light green color and a fresh herbal expression.

Aroma: distinctive, sweet, with tones of herbs, dried flowers, spices and a slight touch of plum jam

Taste: full, without any sign of oxidation, the expression is still very fresh with prevailing tones of herbs, spices, fruits (blueberries)

Harvest: spring 2013, pressed 2013

Area: Fuding, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 357 g = whole cake