2011 Xia Guan Shu Tuo Cha (100 g)

21.5  včetně DPH



Xiaguan Tea factory is one of the most famous tea factories in China, well known because of production of pu-erh tea in the nest/bowl shape (tuocha). It is characterized by strong taste and good potential for aging. First teas were made in the 1902 and the brand Xiaguan is used from 1941.

Shu pu-erhs from Xia Guan tea factory are very special for us, because of unmistakable taste with atypical saltiness and very strong taste. Most of their production is very pure in theirs taste and getting better and better every year.

The traditional shu tuo by Xia Guan, the material is from 2010, 2009 and older (producer’s informations). It was stored in Malaysia from 2012.

Taste: full bodied, attractive, pure, dominated by tones of spices, rare wood, fruits with very long honey-cacao aftertaste

Production date: 2011 (material 2010, 2009 and maybe older)

Producer: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Area: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 100 g