2011 Three Cranes Brand Wuzhou TF 3 Grade Liu Bao (25 g)

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Three Crane Brand – Three cranes is the name of the well-known producer of fermented teas. The history of the brand is back to 1953, when the tea factory was established in Wuzhou, Guangxi province. In 2010, the authorities awarded the Three Crane Brand trademark. The tea plantations of the factory are spread over 7,000 acres. For the aging of tea, the factory has its own cellars, which used to be used as air shelters and other wooden warehouses where the tea matures.

This tea is marked with the quality of leaves no. 3 and was lightly fermented and stored in the factory for 2 years and then bought into Malaysia, where it matured until 2021.

Aroma: middle strong, attractive with tones of rare spices, cocoa, dates, walnuts and cream

Taste: full, strong with tones of nuts, dried fruits, cocoa and rare spices

Tea Factory: Three Cranes Wuzhou TF

Production date: 2011

Import date: 2014

Area: Wuzhou, Guangxi

Country: China

Weight: 25 g