2009 Zhong Cha Lincang Sheng Mini Cake (100 g)

29.2  včetně DPH



Our last purchase of puerh teas, we focused more than famous factories and well-known recipes on things what we really enjoy – the taste and energy, and yes, the price/performance ratio.

This puer is from the production of small tea factory and it is made for Zhong Cha export to Malaysia. The material comes from small tea bushes from Lincang area, 2008 (or maybe older).

Aroma: intense, strong, attractive and matured with a hints of apricot and orange jam, dried flowers, rare spices, sandal wood and virginia tobacco

Taste: very full, matured, attractive with a hints of flowers, orange peel, rare spices, meadow honey and a very long fruity aftertaste

Tea Factory: CNNP (Zhong Cha)

Production date: 2009 (material 2008)

Area: Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 100 g