2008 Heng Kang TF Menghai Sheng Puerh Bing Cha (25 g)

9.0  včetně DPH



Our last purchase of puerh teas, we focused more than famous factories and well-known recipes on things what we really enjoy – the taste and energy, and yes, the price/performance ratio.

Heng Kang Cha Chang is the small tea factory in Menghai area, which produces a normal teas from a younger tea bushes…

The material is from 2007 and was pressed in 2008.

Aroma: intense, attractive and always very young and juicy taste, dominated by hints of oranges, apricots, rare spices, dried tobacco leaves and a smoke

Taste: full, strong, matured and very attractive, dominated by hints of ripe citruses, apricot jam, spices, rare wood, camphor, with a very light touch of smoke and a very long honey-spicy aftertaste

Tea Factory: Heng Kang Cha Chang

Production date: 2008, material 2007

Area: Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 25 g – sample