2006 Si Jin Qian (4 Gold Coins) Liu Bao Tea 25 g

11.1  včetně DPH



Si Jin Qian (Four Gold Coins) is one of the most famous non-Chinese brands. It is a Hong Kong type of Liu Bao tea, where tea from other areas of China and neighbouring countries such as Vietnam etc. are added in addition to material from Guangxi. The recipe is not known and due to this the tea has an unmistakable taste, for which this tea is very popular especially in Malaysia where the tea has been stored for a long time (around 15 years).

The tea is packed in a 1 kg package in which the tea has been packed since 2005 with a few exceptions.

The 2006 vintage as well as 2005 or 1999 are legendary from the collectors‘ point of view and this tea proves it in every way with a very extractive, robust flavour and an intense mature aroma with a long aftertaste.

Great aging potential.

Aroma: intense, mature, unusual with notes of herbal liqueur, dried fruits, old wood, nuts, dried herbs and camphor

Taste: very full, mature, attractive with dominant notes of poppy seed roll, herbal liqueur, plantain, rare spices, cocoa, nuts with a long herbal finish

Factory: Shen Chang Hao Four Gold Coins

Production date: 2006

Country of origin: Hong Kong

Weight: 25 g