2006 (2004) Zhong Cha Duoteli Yellow Box Liu Bao 250 g

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One of the very legendary tea boxes from CNNP Wuzhou TF for the collectors. It was produced for exporting between 60’s and 70’s. This old receipe is made from supergrade and aged in the tea factory for 7 years.

The yellow box is one of the most famous in Malaysia, different qualities, different years, You can find it in the almost all local shops. You can hear about it one info repeatedly – it contains not only tea leaves from Guanxi province, but it is mixed with a yellow tea.

It gives the tea softer and so special impression.

Aroma: medium intense, ripe with a notes of rare spices, cacao, old wood, dried herbs and plantain liquer

Taste: medium full, matured, attractive, dominated by tones of cacao, nutty chocolate, plantain liquer, rare spices, dried herbs and a very long aftertaste

Producer: Wuzhou Zhong Cha (CNNP) Duoteli brand

Material: 2004, production date 2006

Area: Guang Xi

Country: China

Weight: 250 g – whole box