2005 Three Cranes Brand Special Grade Liu Bao Tuo Cha (25 g)

13.5  včetně DPH



Three Crane Brand – Three cranes is the name of the well-known producer of fermented teas. The history of the brand is back to 1953, when the tea factory was established in Wuzhou, Guangxi province. In 2010, the authorities awarded the Three Crane Brand trademark. The tea plantations of the factory are spread over 7,000 acres. For the aging of tea, the factory has its own cellars, which used to be used as air shelters and other wooden warehouses where the tea matures.

The collector’s very interesting tuo cha is 2005, the material is a bit older and the official sale started in 2007. It is a special grade with a lots of tips. The look of the tea shows that the tea has been stored very well. It is ripe and the leaves are very hard with a beautiful ripe look. According to its age, the current weight is about 90 g.

Aroma: intense, ripe with a hints of walnuts, cream, dried herbs, camphor, spices

Taste: full, matured, very attractive, dominated by notes of nuts, cream, herbal liquer, spices, dried herbs, poppy seeds and a very long aftertaste

Tea Factory: Three Cranes Wuzhou TF

Area: Wuzhou, Guangxi

Country: China

Weight: 25 g