2003 CNNP 7542 Sheng Puerh Bing Cha (20 g)

16.6  včetně DPH



CNNP (China National Native Produce) is a name for the original state-owned enterprise that controlled all the factories in China, yes, including Menghai TF, Kunming TF, Xiaguan TF etc…:)

The most of them was privatized in 80’s and 90’s, but CNNP is always working under the China Tea (Zhong Cha) label and using classical logo „中 茶“.

7542, together with the term „GUSHU“, is more than bad word now, due to its overuse/abuse and price increase of confusing CNNP cakes.

7542 is a famous recipe created in Menghai TF and it is still an inspiration for copying by other smaller factories. Some have nothing to do with the original, except the numbers.

This tea is not from Menghai TF !!! This is a design by a small factory and appealed to us with its taste and energy, and considering the storage in Malaysia and the purchase from our friend, who is a very good collector and tea lover, with whom Master Lim Ping Xiang and others work, there was nothing to discuss and we bought tea.

Aroma: overripe citrus, apricot jam, spices, dried flowers, dried tobacco, rare spices, dried fruit and a slight hint of smoke

Taste: medium full expression, elegant and multi-layered with tones – spices, dried flowers, overripe fruit, apricot jam, rare wood, meadow honey and camphor

Tea Factory: CNNP

Production date: 2003

Area: Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 20 g – sample