1970s Shuang Xing Hao Yin „SSHC Penang“ Liu Bao (5 g)

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We are very pleased to be able to buy this very famous liu bao Shuang Xing Hao Yin (双星 号 印), better known as SSHC Penang, in cooperation with our friend in Malaysia. This is a 3rd grade tea made in Wuzhou TF for Penang. Very good storage in Malaysia after almost 50 years gives the tea an exceptional taste and aroma and is rightly called one of the best teas of the 70s of the last century.

Aroma: very ripe, intense, attractive with tones of dried fruits, dried flowers, ripe fruit, exotic spices, betel nut, precious wood

Taste: exceptional, ripe, attractive and very full with tones of dried flowers, dried fruit, exotic spices, cocoa and precious wood

Tea Factory: Wuzhou TF

Production date: 70’s

Area: Wuzhou, Guangxi

Country: China

Weight: 5 g