2019 Xi Hu Long Jing – Dragon Well (25 g)

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It isn’n necessary to indroduce the Dragon Well. It is one of the most famous green teas. This tea is also rightly ranked among 10 most famous teas of China. Our Dragon Well comes from Xi Hu Lake area. We buy it from our friend and his family, who have grown and sold tea in the area for many years.

The leaves are processed in a wok for a longer time. It is giving them a traditional look. The caramelization of the leaf extends the taste of this tea to tones of cocoa, coconut, caramel.

The aroma contains notes of coconut and cocoa, freshly cut grass, asparagus, green peas, nettle and black currant.

The taste is full, sweet with tones similar to cocoa, coconut and also green pea and asparagus, which is sign of tea freshness.

Harvest: beggining of May 2019

Area: Xi Hu (lake in Zhejiang province)

Country: China

Weight: 25 g