2018 Wu Yi Shan „Wai Yuan Hang“ Bei Dou (25 g)

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Wai Yuan Hang is another point of interest near Eagle’s Peak in the center of the national park where the Zhang family own their tea bushes. Wu Yi is one of the most famous tea producing regions, local conditions and soil rich in minerals, and wishes especially excellent wulongs and red teas. This tea comes from a small factory of our friend. He’s an expert and lover of local teas, who has been working for a long time as one of the assistant administrators of the Wuyishan National Park. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In my opinion, Bei Dou is the king of the area and certainly one of the most famous and oldest clones in Wu Yi Shan. This tea is the first generation of this cultivar, often called „Yi Hao“ or Bei Dou 1. The cuttings of this shrub are a straight line of the original Da Hong Pao tea tree. The tea leaves come from Wai Yuen Hang.

Tea is baked traditionally on charcoal.
1. Baking, 110°C, 12 hours
2. Baking, 100°C, 10 hours
3. Baking, 95°C, 10 hours

Aroma: intense, ripe with notes of citrus (orange), gingerbread spice, rare wood, cocoa, vanilla, dried flowers

Taste: very full, fruity (oranges), freshly baked gingerbread, cocoa, rare wood and a long sweet-spicy aftertaste

Harvest: May 2018

Area: Wai Yuan Hang, Wuyishan, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 25 g