2018 Fenghuang Zhen Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong (25 g)

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This tea comes from the outskirts of Fenghuang, where there are quite a number of gardens. Tea trees are about 20 years old and are different from higher altitudes, but not worse.

Tea leaves were baked in the electric oven for 18 hours together.

  1. Baking, 115 °C, 15 hours
  2. Baking, 118 °C, 3 hours

Aroma: intense, medium-baked with notes of fresh flowers, sour cherries, oranges, peaches, tangerine peel

Taste: full with dominant notes of strawberries, kiwi, peach, meadow honey, fresh flowers and a long spicy aftertaste

Harvest: 2.4.2018

Area: Fenghuang, Chaozhou, Guangdong prov.

Country: China

Weight: 25 g