2017 Wu Yi Shan „Wai Yuan Hang“ Tie Luo Han (25 g)

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Wai Yuan Hang is another point of interest near Eagle’s Peak in the center of the national park, where the Zhang family own tea bushes.

Cultivar Tie Luo Han (Iron Monk) is a bit similar to cultivar Shui Xian. Maybe that’s why a lot of local families grow and process it. This tea is traditionally baked in Wuyishan stronger, for a longer time on bamboo charcoal. However, the first mention about processing is, it was processed as a green tea. It is also suitable for longer archiving.

Traditionally, tea leaves are baked on bamboo charcoal for about 10 hours at 110 degrees, two months are left to rest, and then baked for 3×8 hours at about 90°C, always one month between every baking.

Aroma: intense with tones of roasted bamboo, gingerbread spices, soy sauce, dried flowers, poppy seeds, tangerine peel

Taste is extremely full, similar to whisky, sweet, spicy. Tones are the same as its fragrance.

Harvest: May 2017

Area: Wai Yuan Hang , Wuyishan, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 25 g