2015 Shui Jie Lao Bai Mu Dan Bai Cha (50 g)

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The tea leaves come from Min Bei Da Bai Cha cultivar from Shui Jie area next to Fuding. The tea has a history here since 1922. The appearance of leaves and flavors are very different to Fuding teas.

It is made traditional way with very long withering about two days.
This tea was aged in a more humid enviroment in Guangzhou.

Aroma: delicate, attractive with tones of tea roses, spices, blueberries, dried flowers

Taste: medium full, dominated by tones of dried herbs (thyme, chrysanthemum), tea rose, spices

Harvest: spring 2015

Area: Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 50 g