2013 Wu Yi „Mu Jin Hua“ Shui Xian (Malaysia storage) 10 g

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Traditionally made Water Fairy, more baked (about 40 hours) on charcoal. Mu Jin Hua (Hibiscus) has been the national flower of Malaysia since 1960 and, like tea, there are many of the same reasons to drink this healthy herb. Perhaps that is why the people of Cha-No-Yu Tea Art in Kuala Lumpur, for whom this tea was made, decided to give this attribute. The second reason is a sensory point of view, hibiscus, you can really find in the taste of tea. Tea was stored in Malaysia for 6 years.

Aroma: dried flowers, cocoa, fruit, gingerbread spices, hibiscus

Taste: full with light acidity, matured with dominant notes of cocoa, rare wood, vanilla, gingerbread spices, cocoa and hibiscus

Area: Wu Yi, Fujian

Country: China

Weight: 10 g