2010 (2008) Duoteli Zhong Cha First Grade Liu Bao (50 g)

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The material for processing of this tea comes from the year 2008, tea leaves are small and marked with tea leaf quality 1. But similar to super grade.

The tea was stored 2 years in big baskets around 50 kg in the tea factory after the processing. And than around another 8 years in the storage of a merchant in Wuzhou. It was sent to the Malaysia in the year 2018.

Because of very good storage mainly in Guang Xi province, the tea has very strong herbal taste, typical for this type of storage.

Aroma: significant aroma of herbal liquer, fruits, cacao, spices, dates

Taste: very full, strong, similar to local herbal teas with cacao tones, nuts, dried fruits and spices

Area: Guang Xi (China)

Tea factory: CNNP Wuzhou, Duoteli Brand

Material: 2008

Packed: 2010

Weight: 50 g