2007 Changtai Cha Hu Chen Nannuo Raw Puerh Cake (25 g)

8.0  včetně DPH



The 400 g tea cake is combination of autumn harvest 2006 and spring harvest 2007 from the area of Nannuo mountains. Only the most valuable parts from whole tea bush was picked – tips and two tea leaves bellow. Followed by traditional processing – working with wok, drying in the sun and then pressing. Tea was stored in very good conditions, which is reflected in its pure taste without any undesirable traces that would be caused by improper storage in a humid environment.

Delicate aroma with a distinctive fruity tone of pears, fresh flowers, honey and star anise.

Medium fruity taste with dominant fruit tones, especially pears and apples, but also honey and cinnamon.

Date of processing: autumn 2006 / spring 2007

Producer: Changtai Tea Grou, Cha Hu Chan Brand

Area: Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 25 g