2006 Liming TF Ba Jiao Ting Tuocha (10 g)

2.7  včetně DPH



The begginings of this factory date back to 1955. However, their tea production was officially launched in 1964. It was a small producer who was focused mainly on the production of green and black tea. The trial operation of pu-erh production from high and organic quality Mao Cha started in 2001. Liming Tea Factory is considered one of the top ten pu-erh tea factories now.

Tea leaves come from organic harvest in the Nannuo area. The tea was left slightly oxidized and then pressed into a 250 gram nest (tuocha).

Our tea was stored for about 10 years in Guangzhou, where aged in high humidity. Because of it seems to be very matured.

The intense matured fragrance reveals aging in higher humidity. The aroma is dominated by tones of camphor, spices, fruits (for example apricot), wood, smoked cheese.

The taste is medium full and the tones are very similar to its fragrance.

Harvest: 2006

Area: Nannuo, Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: sample 10 g