2005 (2003) Zhong Cha Big Basket „Betel Nut“ Liu Bao

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Another in the Liu Bao series by Zhong Cha, popularly called „Betel Nut“ in Malaysia. The material is from 2003. Leaf size 3. Aged in large bamboo baskets (40+ kg). Basket designation: ‚33045‘.

Due to the larger leaves and the long maturation in Malaysia (around 20 years), the tea is very well ripened and rich in flavour.

Aroma: attractive, intense, ripe with notes of rare spices, cocoa, areca nut and meadow honey

Flavour: very full, attractive, dominated by rare spices and wood, cocoa, nuts with a long, sweet aftertaste

Region: Guang Xi (China)

Factory: CNNP Wuzhou, Duoteli brand

Packed: 2005

Material: 2003

Country of origin: China

Weight: 25 g