2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang Gushu (25 g)

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This cake is one of the collection of four tea cakes (Yiwu, Manzhuan, Menghai a Yibang), which producing master Shi Kun Mu. The Taiwanese tea master Shi Kun Mu is very famous manufacturer, who is specialized in pu-erh tea from old trees and well-known places. He personally chooses materials and supervises the processing of tea from start to finish. This tea cake is made of very old trees and its spring leaves from Yibang mountain. Yibang mountain is one of the six famous tea mountains with very long tea history. The teas from this place have small and thin leaves and silver tips. It’s well-known for its refreshing sweetness and honey taste.

Mao cha was processed traditional way and stone pressed in Changtai Tea Factory (Changtai Tea Group) in Yiwu. These very rare cakes were stored in Kunming and than we bought them into our Czech stock in 2013.

Aroma: full, matured, sweet, spicy with orange tones, strawberry jam, hazelnuts, eucalyptus and very long honey aftertaste

Area: Yibang, Yunnan

Country: China

Weight: 25 g